We Only Replace What Is Needed!

We Only Replace What Is Needed!

In the shop we see this a lot.

A Mercedes CLA 250 arrived with a notable oil leak from the timing chain cover.  This car has a lateral four cylinder engine–not uncommon for VW, Audi, but newish state-side for Mercedes.

This repair needed to be made with Mercedes parts.  Plus the dealer has pre-determined parts lists for specific jobs.  In this case, lots of gaskets and overlooking one would delay the repair a day.

Also specified was the aluminum cover ($121) and solid metal coolant line ($65).  We scratched our head and ordered the bundle.

Like many of these lists of pre-determined parts, it was highly unlikely that these parts would fail.  When this happens, we simply return the unnecessary parts after the repair.

We’ve heard that some dealerships and shops don’t vary from their lists–if it is specified, it is replaced.

Today’s European Cars is committed to fairness as it builds equity in our relationships–sometime a shop needs a little understanding back.

It’s why we like to take a little more time in diagnosis–time here or unnecessary parts later.

We hope our customers know that we appreciate questions and like it when someone wants to review a bill in detail.  We’re also committed to only replacing what’s needed.