Today’s European Cars is Open During the Quarantine

Automobile repair is an essential industry as our customers count on their car to get supplies, seek medical attention and perform basic tasks.

Our suppliers are delivering parts.

Our mutual safety is our paramount concern and several internal and external policies are in place:

  1. We can pick up and drop off your car from your home at no cost if the distance is reasonable.
  2. Cars can be towed to us and/or towed home; we can arrange towing
  3. No customers in the shop; social distance must be maintained in the office
  4. 20-hour wait time for extra safety. As the virus can live on surfaces for several hours, letting your car sit for 20 hours after a repair should kill bacteria.  Experts also say that the virus is not heat tolerant; sitting in the sun should accelerate this process.
  5. We will wipe down steering wheels, door handles and other common touch points before and after work.

We value your patronage, recognize the importance of your car for daily needs and are flexible during this difficult time.  If you have differed larger repairs, we can work together to make now a good time to get it done.

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