Quick Coil Tester Is A Neat Tool From The Back Of The Toolbox!

Quick Coil Tester - a neat tool from the back of the tool box.

We’re troubleshooting a flat six which was parked several years ago.  Once we initially got it running, there was still a miss-fire and we needed to zero-in on the larger issues.

Here’s a neat tool which allowed us to quickly eliminate the dual-plug coils as the source of our miss.  Simply pass the want over the coils and watch the light and its intensity.  If the green light quits blinking or is faint, there might be a problem.

In this case we eliminated coils from the first-pass list and moved on to spark plugs and carburetors.  Plugs were fouled and replaced.  Carb tops were removed and the bowls, jets, passages and floats cleaned.  After reassembly, car runs better but new carb gaskets and accelerator pumps are on the way.