Drive a German Import? Today’s Best European Cars is Your Go-To West University Place Automotive Service Center

Mercedes, BMW, VW, Mini, Audi & Smart Care Repair & Service Center In West University Place

Everyone knows their names:

  • Mercedes-Benz
  • BMW
  • Mini Cooper
  • Audi
  • VolksWagen
  • Smart Car

If you are the proud owner of one of the vehicles named above Today’s European Cars in the West University Place area of Houston can help maintain as well as service any German made vehicle. Mercedes Repair and BMW Maintenance and repair is where we started in the 80’s and since then we have added Volkswagen, Mini Cooper, Audi and Smart cars to our list of vehicles we service and repair. We have been an independent European car care shop in Houston since 1985 and were still going strong.

Our expert mechanics and friendly staff are here to help keep your auto maintained or to repair anything that might have gone wrong. If your car has a problem or you need maintenance call us and let us get you in and out and back to driving in no time!

Our Eurpean Car Care Center In The Galleria Services: Mercedes, BMW, Mini, Smart, VW & Audi

German Car Engineering Will Get You Hooked!

Some of the best of European automotive engineering is created and made manifest in Germany. The result of tireless design work and testing is a driving experience unique to each manufacturer and model. Driving a German car is usually enough to win owners over for life, no matter which manufacturer they choose for their initial purchase. Another interesting fact about German cars is that European brands like Rolls Royce and Mini are actually designed and built by German engineers at Volkswagen and BMW. Bottom line, everyone falls in love with driving a German car.

German Cars as Daily Drivers

Owning and driving a German car does come with some caveats though. Regularly scheduled maintenance and incidental maintenance are critical to keeping your German car in peak operating condition. Without essential maintenance, you will find your vehicle quickly becomes less of a joy and more of a chore. You need a trustworthy expert like Today’s Best European Cars in the West University Place area of Houston, TX  to help you get the most out of your German car.

Maintenance & Repair By Experts Only

You can always do your own car maintenance, but as automotive technology has advanced, so has the complexity of German engines, transmission and other mechanical and electronic systems. Unless you have extensive experience and training, working on your own German car is not for the inexperienced or faint of heart. Not only that but most newer models need special tools to do some of the simplest of jobs. At Today’s European Cars we constantly add the latest technology and tools so we can service and maintain your German car as well as any dealership.

If you drive a German Car in the greater Houston area and you’re near West University Place, you need Today’s Best European Cars. They are the resident experts of University Place for all German made cars. Why choose Today’s Best European Cars? Because we have spent the entire life of the business which started in 1985 working on Mercedes, BMW, VW, Audi and Mini Coopers which has given us the experience you want in a mechanic shop!

German Engineered Cars Need Special Care and Maintenance

Several characteristics define German automotive engineering:

  • Precision machined parts
  • Innovative designs
  • High performance electronic and mechanical control systems
  • Advanced ride stability
  • Complex all-wheel drive and traction control

These advanced automotive technologies are the hallmark of German cars. It’s what has distinguished them from their competition for over a century. The drawback of these elegant and finely crafter machines is they require more of their owners than most other brands and designs.

All that quality and performance does come with some high demands. Worn parts must be replaced promptly, or they can cause systemic problems that are expensive to repair. These include the following:

  • brake pads and shoes
  • serpentine belts
  • hoses
  • wheel bearings
  • shocks, springs and dampers
  • transmission fluid
  • oil and filter exchanges
  • air filter replacement and airflow cleaning
  • tuning and testing at regular mileage intervals
  • suspension maintenance and tuning
  • traction control and all-wheel drive tuning
  • electronic control module (ECM) updates
  • HVAC recharging and maintenance
  • paint, finish and trim maintenance

Some high-performance German cars also require special oil consistency and fuel types that require an expert hand to maintain. Maintenance routines at regular intervals are essential to keeping your German car running true to its original specs and running like the dream car it is.

In short, if you want to keep loving your German daily driver, you need to put more maintenance, money and time into your car and its care. Today’s Best European Cars is where West University Place residents take their German cars to get them the service and repairs, they need, so they can keep on running like the day they rolled off the factory line.

High Performance Cars Need High Performance Technicians

Some buy German cars for their high performance and precision handling. Most German cars offer exceptional power and handling already, but their road and track performance cars are a sublime experience you must try for yourself to comprehend. This includes standard high-performance components and systems like the following:

  • racing-tuned engines and transmissions
  • single and twin turbo chargers
  • high performance air-intakes and and racing air filters
  • advanced oil and engine cooling systems
  • precision fuel injection systems
  • racing-tuned suspension
  • high-end alloy wheels and tires
  • switchable high-performance all-wheel-drive and tuning
  • sport and street mode ECM settings

The drawback to all this power and control is these systems are highly sensitive and require regular adjustment and maintenance to prevent malfunctions and maintain a consistent driving experience. Your average shade tree mechanic or independent auto shop is unlikely to be familiar with performance kit and controls for German cars.

At Today’s Best European Cars, we are intimately familiar with stock and high performance trim level cars from all major German manufacturers. Whether your turbo needs adjustment or your engine needs a precision tune-up, Today’s Best European Cars in West University Place has the expertise you need to keep your car performing like it did from mile one.

Experience Is The Key to Finding and Fixing Issues With German Cars

General automotive repair shops are fine for domestic brands and a few types of imported cars. For a German car, the smart decision is to take it to a specialist. It’s not just specialized automotive parts and engineering though.

Every make and model of car has its own set of known issues and problems. Sometimes these problems have easy fixes once diagnosed, but if you don’t fix the right problem you can end up with more problems than you solve. This is especially true with German cars, and experience working on German autos is what makes the difference.

In many cases certain model years have specific problems with specific solutions that technicians and engineers have already resolved and shared among their community. If your service center isn’t part of that community or doesn’t get updated Technical Service Bulletins from your vehicle’s manufacturer, that means they are at a disadvantage already.

Worse still, if they don’t know German cars, they may miss issues and problems that need immediate attention which lead to serious and expensive problems later on. Fortunately, at Today’s Best European Cars we know German autos and all their potential known issues and problems.

Are you local to West University Place in the greater Houston area? Give us a call or bring your German import to our shop today. We can ensure you’re keeping up with your scheduled maintenance and handle any repairs your German car may need. When you have the expert service and repairs at Today’s European Cars, you’ll keep your German car running at peak performance for years to come.