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If you have ever looked under the hood of a European car, you’d notice that it isn’t like other cars. All cars are built differently. And with European cars, they are built with high quality materials and are made with great craftsmanship. They are both powerful and delicate at the same time, so you wouldn’t want to take your car in to just any auto repair and service center – you’d want to take it to a service center with the right expertise. Today’s European Cars, located in Houston, Texas, is that place.

Today’s European Cars is a German auto repair and service center in Bellaire. If you have a German car like BMW, Mercedes, Audi, MINI Cooper or VW that needs servicing or repairs, this is the car shop you want to go to. They have the proper equipment and tools necessary for working with these foreign automobiles because that is what they specialize in. Their certified mechanics can help you with anything from oil changes and tune ups to repairs. It’s the place you want to go for all your European car needs.

Mercedes Service and Repair In Bellaire

Mercedes-Benz is known for their luxury automobiles. Their precision and high-performance makes them a popular vehicle among many. And a car like this needs to be handled with care.

The technicians at Today’s European Cars have a lot of experience working on Mercedes-Benz  automobiles. They’ve been working on them for more than 26 years in the Houston area, so they have extensive experience with these machines.

The bill for Mercedes repairs can often add up and be quite costly, so regularly servicing your car can help you avoid costly bills. Make sure your car is getting serviced by mechanics who know just what a Mercedes needs.

BMW Service and Repair

BMW vehicles are stylish cars known for things like their performance, technology, and robust engines. They are high-quality machines that need to be maintained regularly to keep them operating at their best.

BMWs have powerful engines that can last a long time if they are taken care of properly. You need mechanics that do not just have the right tools for the job, but know the ins and outs of these German vehicles. Stop by Bellaire’s service center, Today’s European Cars, to get a BMW oil change, a tune up, or any auto repairs.

Audi Service and Repair

Audi is highly respected German car brand, and its automobiles are comfortable and stylish. They are sophisticated machines with diagnostic complexities, so you will want to bring in your Audi to a mechanic who specializes in Audi service and repairs.

There are certified Audi mechanics at Today’s European Cars who can help you with your Audi today.

  • The mechanics are equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment for Audi’s.
  • They maintain high levels of training.
  • Staff who are specialized in diagnostic procedure can properly investigate sources of problems and address them accordingly.

MINI Cooper Service and Repair

MINI Cooper is a small economy car known for its unique look as well as its speed and drifting. Since MINI is owned by BMW, one would have high expectations for its performance. However, if you are a MINI Cooper owner, you may be well aware of a number of engineering problems.

Some common complaints with MINIs have been that their brake pads do not last long or there are problems regarding transmission failure. There have also been many complaints about MINI dealerships not really being able to help address the problems properly. That’s why it’s important to go to a repair shop like Today’s European Cars that understands and has plenty of experience working with MINIs.

VW Service and Repairs

Volkswagen has been around since 1937 and is the largest automaker in Europe. They are reliable cars if they are properly maintained. Keep them running smoothly by getting them serviced at regular intervals.

You can trust the Volkswagen technicians in Bellaire’s Today’s European Cars to repair or service your car because they are experienced and reputable. The authorized technicians have all had factory training and specialist tooling; which includes training on VW diagnostic equipment. They have a broad background in VW repairs from working with them over the years. Some of the repairs include the following.

      –  CIS fuel injection systems and modern fuel injection

      –  Turbo charged engines

      –  Valve timing

Bring In Your Car Today

Today’s European Cars, a trusted Bellaire’s auto repair and service center in Houston, Texas, specializes in the European imports BMW, MINI Cooper, Audi, VW and Mercedes. Their certified mechanics are familiar with German cars and know them inside and out. So if you are in need of any maintenance or repairs for your German automobile, come and trust the experts.

Let professional, experienced mechanics assist you with your car today. Bring your vehicle in to Today’s European Cars to get expert quality service in the Houston area.