Change Your Windshield Wiper Blades Every 5-10K Miles

Replace the windhsield wipers on your European car every 5 to 10K miles

A rainy and cold day in Houston.  Perfect weather for a duck—I should be in front of the fireplace with a book.

Driving to the shop this morning I noticed that my wiper blades were not clearing the windshield.  The cobbler’s son came to mind.

Wiper blades are often are discussed during service.  We have two methods before we suggest a replacement—we’ll ask you if you think they need replacement or we’ll hit the squirter and see how they do.  On a day like today you’ll know immediately…

Here are few cars and what the manufacturers say:

  • 2015 Audi A4                           Every 5,000 miles
  • 2015 BMW 535                       No specified replacement interval
  • 2015 Mercedes E350              Every 10,000 miles
  • 2015 Mini Cooper                   No specified replacement interval
  • 2015 VW Jetta                         Every 10,000 miles

Looking at service bulletins, the manufacturers are squishy.  Most believe we should “expect service life of 12 months or longer.”  Mercedes blades have a neat sticker which changes color when it’s time for replacement. 

Our anecdotal observations show that your mileage may vary–cars parked in a garage have blades which last longer; cars parked under trees don’t last as long.

Without a doubt we recommend OEM wiper blades.  They out-perform auto-store specials and customers don’t express disappointment at their next service.

OEM blades cost more.  To help with that, we’ll install them at no cost.

If you think it’s time to replace them, give us a call, (713) 781-7449, and we’ll order a set before you get here.  You’ll be in and out and able to see clearly.