Top-Shelf Synthetic Oil and Filter Change Service in Houston

The most important services you can do for your car is a routine oil change every 5,000 miles.

Houston is hard on cars with our heat, traffic and road quality. For 35 years, we have recommended 5,000 service intervals because we see the difference when we crack open the oil drain plug. It’s cheap insurance for your engine.

We only use the best brands of synthetic oil—Mobil1 or Castrol. These are the spec oils for Mercedes and BMW because they are proven.

Our oil change services include the same elements as a Mercedes A Service or Mercedes B Service or BMW Service 1 or BMW Service 2:

  • The precise oil required by the manufacturer
  • A German filter, specifically made for your make and model
  • Check and top-off of other fluids
  • Tire air pressure check
  • Visual inspection for leaks, brakes, worn suspension parts and the other details an experienced tech sees

Note about Maintenance Schedules

When a car is new, the maintenance schedule should be followed to a T. As a car crosses the 60,000-mile mark, we shift more to an as-needed basis as it allows us the chance to spend more time looking and reviewing. If you come for an 80,000 service and the factory schedule calls for an air filter, we’ll examine it instead of automatically changing it. This saves you money and allows us to better connect with your car.

Today’s European Cars specializes in the oil, fluids and filters maintenance and repair of:

  • Mercedes
  • BMW
  • Audi
  • MINI
  • Volkswagen

We are located just west of the Galleria, and service the Villages, Memorial, West University, Briar Grove, Tanglewood, Mid Town, Heights, Downtown, River Oaks, Sugarland, Bellaire and surrounding areas. We have customers who come from Katy, Spring and the Woodlands, too!