Houston's Most Complete German-Auto Check Engine Light Service

The dreaded check engine light. Usually it comes on because something is wrong. Your car can’t communicate the importance—sometime the light is a whisper and sometimes it’s a scream.

Not every shop has the proper diagnostic equipment and experience to decipher that unassuming light on the dash. The auto part stores’ code readers can tell you what the code is, but rarely have the information needed to be able to decipher the code or which repairs are needed.

We continuously invest in up-to-date equipment and training to help make heads or tails of these lights. This means we can usually diagnose the issue on the first try—saving you time and expense.

The most common causes of check engine lights include:

  • Vacuum or other air leaks
  • Broken/loose gas cap
  • Faulty mass airflow, temperature or pressure sensor
  • Damaged oxygen sensor or exhaust gas system valves or failing catalytic converter
  • Misfire codes or sluggish (no power) on acceleration

Today’s European Cars specializes in the diagnostics associated with check engine lights for:

  • Mercedes
  • BMW
  • Audi
  • MINI
  • Volkswagen

We are located just west of the Galleria, and service the Villages, Memorial, West University, Briar Grove, Tanglewood, Mid Town, Heights, Downtown, River Oaks, Sugarland, Bellaire and surrounding areas. We have customers who come from Katy, Spring and the Woodlands, too!