Let our team of skilled European car specialists repair and/or service your Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, VW or Mini Cooper.

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Scheduled Maintenances: 5,000 Oil Change Service, Tune-Ups

The most important service you can do for your car is a routine synthetic oil change every 5,000 miles, which ensures the longevity of your vehicle.

Check Engine Light: Engine, Stability, Electronics Lights and Notifications

Unlike other Houston auto repair shops, we invest in up-to-date equipment and specific training so we can diagnose the root cause of your Check Engine Light appearing.

Brakes: Replacement, Repair, Maintenance

High-quality brakes uphold your European car’s standard for performance and safety, which is why our brake repairs are completed with original equipment only.

Cooling: System Flush, Analysis and Diagnosis

Today’s European Cars keeps your cooling system in tip-top shape by checking it during every oil change.

A/C Maintenance and Repair

Driving in Houston while your A/C isn’t working properly is brutal, but we can repair it in no time with the parts that are specially designed for your vehicle.

Suspension: Replacement, Shocks/Struts

If you’re experiencing any issues with suspension, our European car repair shop will gladly replace the affected parts to ensure you’re back on the road safely again.

Battery: Replacement, Check

Our Houston auto repair shop will gladly check your battery and charging system and replace the old with genuine Mercedes, BMW, VW, or Audi parts.

Transmission: Repair, Maintenance

From fluid top-off, to fluid flush, complete rebuilds, and everything in between, our shop has the experience necessary to keep your transmission shifting properly.

Key Service: Replacement, Reprogram

Issues with your car keys can be incredibly frustrating and expensive, so our Houston European car repair shop offers reprogrammable replacement keys designed for your vehicle, affordably and in a timely manner.

Pre-Purchase or Lease Turn-In

Whether you’re buying a car or returning a lease, our European auto shop will gladly inspect your vehicle to give you peace of mind and reduce any penalties you may receive at the dealership.

Pre-Purchase or Lease Turn-In

Our European auto shop provides state inspection services to determine whether your car meets state emission standards.