Volkswagen Repair and Service In Houston

Volkswagen Repair and Service In Houston

Whatever the type of Volkswagen you have, it is important to put your trust in an authorized VW repair expert when maintaining and working on your vehicle.  Even the dealership can be stumped if you have an “odd” VW that they no longer have expertise with. A reputable, experienced VW technician should have a broad background in VW repairs.  From the beginning air-cooled engines, to the technologies used in the early Audi-merger days such as CIS fuel injection systems, to the modern day fuel injection, valve timing and turbo charged engines, your authorized VW repair technicians are well equipped to handle problems unique to your type of Volkswagen.  All Volkswagen authorized technicians under go comprehensive factory training and specialist tooling including specific diagnostic equipment.  Also you have the assurance that they will replace any part with Volkswagen Genuine Parts.  When your car is fitted with a Volkswagen Genuine Part®, you can have peace-of-mind that if the part malfunctions, Volkswagen guarantees it for two years.

Volkswagen was founded in 1937 under the original company name “Gesellschaft zur Vorbereitung des Deutschen Volkswagens mbH”.  Before the 1930’s, the effort to create simple vehicles that the average household could afford proved impossible, costing more than the average person’s yearly income.  Luckily that is not the case today.  After years of tribulation, Volkswagen, which means “the people’s car”, has become the largest automaker in Europe.  Most people asscociate the Volkswagen brand with the Beetle because of its extreme popularity world wide, as well as, being the product that VW has manufactured and sold for the longest time.  But if you ask any authorized VW repair technician or VW manufacturer, you will get a long list of other types that have been and are being produced and sold all over the globe.

Volkswagen models sold in the United States come in an assortment of varieties such as the Eos (Jetta-based 2 door hardtop convertible), GLI (high-performance version of the Golf), Golf (the Volkswagen “Rabbit”), GTI (High-performance version of the Golf), Jetta Mk V Jetta Sport Wagon, ,New Beetle, New Beetle Convertible, Passat (mid-size Sedan called the Dasher), Passat Wagon, CC, Routan (Dodge Grand Caravan-based VW), Sport Van, Tiguan (small SUV), and Touareg (full size SUV developed alongside Porsche Cayenne).  But still the popularity of the Volkswagen Beetle remains unsurpassed.  By 1973, around 16 million Beetles had been produced and sold.

Volkswagen has a reputation for reliability, and can be driven if properly maintained for 300,000 plus miles.  Car manufacturers in general are increasing the length of time between service intervals due to improved technology over the years, but don’t let that fool you.  They are in the business to sell cars.  Increasing the lifespan of your Volkswagen is not a difficult task with frequent maintenance schedules and utilizing a Volkswagen trained technician for your VW repairs. Be a wise car owner and take the extra time to pay the necessary attention to your vehicle’s needs in a proactive manner.  Spending a little extra time for scheduled servicing will save you costly repairs down the road while holding its value for future years to come.

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