Mini Cooper Repair and Service Houston, TX

Mini Cooper Repair and Service Houston, TX

MINI Cooper repair seems to be a sore topic of conversation among MINI owners. Consumer complaints are rampant with frustrated owners who are going to their dealerships for answers, but instead are still being left in the dark. If you go online and search “MINI Cooper repair”, you will find pages and pages of customer write ups, blogs, and articles that illustrate the incompetency of a good majority of MINI dealerships. There seems to be two parts to this problem. One is that MINI has had a slew of faulty engineering problems, and secondly, a lot of dealership technicians have received sub-par training. As a result, MINI owners are finding that almost 30% of the time their car is locked up at the dealership with everyone scratching their heads.

There have been so many complaints about MINI dealerships guessing as to what the problem is and charging in some cases more than the car is worth for repairs, only to find out shortly after that, the problem still is not fixed, or several other problems have popped up after leaving the shop. Common complaints have been that the brake pads wear out very quickly, within the first 17,000 miles. Also, on models 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010, there seems to be a problem with engine knocking at cold start up. Many customers have reported that some dealerships are saying that this is “normal”. This is not the case. These models have faulty timing chain systems, which tend to fail within the first 10,000. If you wait until the timing chain completely fails, you will have complete engine failure and destruction. Other common complaints have been that MINI’s power steering cooling fans fail often, power window motor fans fail at a pretty high rate, hydraulic motor mounts fail, and transmission failure has been a huge issue.

One has to wonder just how much the dealerships’ know and how much are they are actually willing to admit about BMW’s faulty engineering when it comes to MINI Cooper repair. Questionable dealerships seem to be trying every trick in the book to avoid covering problems which are under warranty and charging customers for costly work and parts that in too many cases were completely unnecessary.

On the flip side, MINI’s are fun to drive, when they are working, and they are arguably the most unique and adorable cars on the road. Happy owners are those who have done their research enough to know the story behind MINI Cooper repair, and how completely necessary it is to buy MINI’s extended warranty plans for one. Secondly, there are MINI dealerships out there that aren’t so bad, and happy customers are ones who have lucked out and found a good one that is close to home. And if you are really fortunate, you have found a local and competent MINI Cooper repair shop that understands your MINI’s eccentricities and complications, with certified technicians who are more than happy to get the kinks out of your car in no time flat.

Today’s European Cars has been serving the Houston area since 1986. We have a professional staff of ASE certified technicians available for your MINI Cooper repair needs. We have the proper tools and diagnostics on hand to assess your MINI’s problems quickly, as well as, years of experience with MINI Cooper owners. Owning a MINI should be a pleasant experience. Avoid dealership nightmares by giving us a call today.

We are conveniently located in Houston TX just west of the Galleria, and service mainly the Memorial, West University, Mid Town, Heights, Downtown, River Oaks, Sugarland and Bellaire areas.








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