Getting TRP Replacement Done On Your Mercedes In Houston

Getting TRP Replacement Done On Your Mercedes In Houston

Today’s European Cars is one of the few Independent Mercedes Shops in Houston, TX that can replace any TRP (Theft Related Parts) part on your Mercedes Benz. You might not be familiar with what falls in to this category or why this classification exists.

Theft Related Parts Replacement On Mercedes Benz Automobiles In Houston

Some of the parts that fall in to the TRP category might not appear to fit in to the category. Airbags, transmission gear control units and SRS cables are a few on the list that seem somewhat out of place. Basically parts that can be manipulated during theft are what are mainly on this list. The more relevant list of TRP parts are things like keys of all types mechanical or electronic, locks as well as lock cylinders of all types weather electronic or mechanical, remote locking and unlocking devices which includes key less entry, electronic steering locks, engine control modules, flash ware and repair cds are also on the list.

So what does this mean to you a Mercedes Benz owner? Well any part that is TRP will require you to take it to your local Mercedes Benz dealer, however Today;s European Cars in Houston, TX gives those of you in the area by being one of the few shops in the area that are able to replace TRP parts. This is because they carry a L.S.I.D. license in order to be able to service a MB vehicle needing TRP replacement. These parts require pertinent vehicle owner information to be made available to the shop so be sure you have proof of ownership on hand and a valid picture ID proving you are the owner of the vehicle being serviced.

Theft Related Parts are becoming a way that your Mercedes is safeguarded from theft and therefore the parts required for this type of repair can only be ordered from a dealer and any Independent MB shop will have to have certain credentials as well as the necessary diagnostics equipment in order to do the job properly. Be sure to ask your Indie MB shop that they are set up to handle this or you will need to seek another shop or its time to bite the bullet and head to your local MB dealer.

If you need TRP (Theft Related Parts) replaced in Houston, TX, Today’s European cars is located at 6261 Richmond Ave,Ste E and would welcome you to call and ask questions about our services.

We are a full service Independent Mercedes Benz shop as well as servicing, Audi, Volkswagen, Volvo and Mini Coopers.








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