German Car Repair and Maintenance Houston Memorial Midtown

German Car Repair and Maintenance Houston Memorial Midtown

If you are looking for a reputable shop in Houston that specializes in German car repair, consider Today’s European Cars located at 6261 Richmond Avenue in Houston, Texas. They specialize in BMW Maintenance and Mercedes repair, as well as the repair of other imports such as Audi, Volkswagen and Mini Cooper. They are staffed with certified technicians who are trained in German car repair and have been servicing and repairing foreign cars for over 26 years.

The German car repair business is a specialized field of expertise. Within the category of foreign cars, each make comes with its own set of problems, quirks, and service needs. A skilled technician trained to work on a specific make of vehicle, such as Mercedes, will be familiar with common problems that typically occur within the different year models, as well as having the proper tools and diagnostic equipment manufactured for repairing and servicing specific makes. This is why it is important for import owners never to take their cars into a domestic shop.
German car repair is completely different compared to domestic repair so the two should be kept separate. If you own a BMW, find a place that has extensive experience with BMW. Just because a place may advertise that they are an import repair shop does not necessarily mean they can cover all imports. A German Audi and an Italian Lamborghini, although both are imported, are as different from one another as the Countries from which they came.

Finding a mechanic that specializes in German car repair will help protect your car and save you a lot of money in the long run. Unfortunately, a common problem among consumers is being charged for additional repairs that their mechanic did not foresee but deemed “necessary”. Why this happens is that due to the complexity of cars these days, many mediocre mechanics can get baffled by a repair and he or she will probably keep replacing suspect parts until the problem is finally solved. Many of these parts are unnecessary and have nothing to do with the problem and sadly, you are left with the extra costs anyway.

It is recommended that if your car is new and under warranty that you bring it to the dealership if you are having a problem. Dealership technicians tend to be more familiar with ironing out the kinks that come from a brand new vehicle. Local repair shops receive most of their traffic from older model vehicles and have more experience fixing problems intrinsic to used cars. Another thing to think about is whether you want to go to a chain automotive shop or a small and local one. Chains are less apt to carry the OEM parts that German cars need, so your vehicle may sit longer waiting for repairs than it would at an independent establishment.

Today’s European Cars is independently owned and is trained and equipped for small service procedures to large engine rebuilds. Their decades of combined experience will offer you peace-of-mind that your luxury car will be in good hands. Give them a call today and they will be happy to assist you with all of your German car repair needs.








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