Audi Mechanics in Houston Texas

Audi Mechanics in Houston Texas

Audi is more than “just a car”.  It is synonymous with superiority in the field of safety, luxury, and high-performance driving.  So it’s no accident that Audi owners do not trust the life of their cars to “just a mechanic”. The Audi mechanic is highly specialized in their field, and undergoes specific training to insure that the repairs meet Audi specifications.  The Audi manufacturer has specified procedures in carrying out regular servicing, preventive maintenance and mechanical repairs, all of which an Audi mechanic is trained to do.  The sophistication of the Audi machines requires complex diagnostic systems for maintaining the life of the vehicle;   so it is important to find a manufacturer-trained mechanic who has the equipment to work on your luxury car.

There are several points to look for when finding your Audi mechanic.  The most important aspect is to look for proper certification.  Foreign cars are quite different from their American counterparts, having more complex engines and electronic features.  Also it is important to find a technician who will stand by their work.  Do they offer warranties on parts that aren’t OEM products that are comparable to the original part?  If your Audi mechanic cannot offer you peace of mind, it’s advisable to look elsewhere.  Contacting your local dealership is a good avenue to take in finding qualified references. Auto clubs can also be helpful in finding someone most experienced in your nationality of car.

Sadly, outrageous mark-ups are not uncommon in the foreign repair industry, so make sure to get several written estimates before making your final decision.  Along with being competent, clean, professional, and reliable, your Audi mechanic must be fair.   It is a common misconception that in order to maintain your new car warranty, you have to have your Audi service done at an Audi dealership.  This is not the case.  Also the dealerships are not the only ones who can handle service issues with the utmost expertise.  If you are tired of paying dealership labor rates and waiting forever to get your car serviced, finding the right Audi mechanic is well worth the research.

The Audi goes beyond a means of transportation.  Few purchase this fine automobile just to get from point A to B.  It is their quest for excellence, safety, style and reliability that sets the Audi owner apart from the average consumer.  Therefore, choosing the most competent technicians to care for their cars is an extension of their strive for merit.  The proper Audi mechanic should continually stay abreast on the latest technologies and developments of the cars they work on and have a zeal for perfection.  However, if you take care of your Audi, the only thing you may bring it in for is detailing and scheduled servicing.  300,000 miles is a cake walk for the life of an Audi if properly maintained.

We are conveniently located in Houston TX just west of the Galleria, and service mainly the Memorial, West University, Mid Town, Heights, Downtown, River Oaks, Sugarland and Bellaire areas.








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