Any Customer Can Have A Car Painted As Long As Its Black!

“Any customer can have a car painted any color he wants as long as it’s black” was famously coined by Henry Ford.  His autobiography “My Life and Work” adds color and context:

“There is a tendency to keep monkeying with styles and to spoil a good thing by changing it. The salesmen were insistent on increasing the line. They listened to the 5 percent, the special customers who could say what they wanted, and forgot all about the 95 percent, who just bought without making any fuss. No business can improve unless it pays the closest possible attention to complaints and suggestions. If there is any defect in service then that must be instantly and rigorously investigated, but when the suggestion is only as to style, one has to make sure whether it is not merely a personal whim that is being voiced.”

Mercedes Benz Shop In Houston

This morning I pulled out the cars at sunrise and thought of ol’ Henry.

In some ways he was right, but that’s why there are not just Fords today.

E 550 – 2011 – Epitome of cool

C 320 – 2001 – Our 376,576-mile shop car G 320 – 1997 – 135,000 beauty; maintained here since 2000; new owner has been coming here for 10+ years for his stable of Mercedes and BMWs C 220 – 1995 – Markus’ car; belonged to another long-term customer since new

I don’t think Henry anticipated Ts lasting 25 years or for 376,000 miles.  However the styling of these cars has remained constant and look as good today as they did when new.